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At U Remodeling Charlotte, NC, we strive to provide our customers in North Charlotte with the most up-to-date and comprehensive remodeling solutions. Our focus is to deliver quality and personalized services to our customers that will make them feel happy about their living spaces and their overall lifestyle.  Our services are needed more than ever before because now is the time when people spend so much time in their homes like never before.

The dedication we have to our customers is demonstrated by our thoughtful and friendly quote and planning process that we have in place, our consultations, and our procedures which are following the industry’s standards without never neglecting our unique customers’ needs.  Our commitment to using quality materials, and great craftsmanship throughout our remodeling process, whether it’s kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, painting job, or the construction of custom cabinets and closets are finally the most important part in giving you the desired final result that you so much anticipated.

By working with us, you can feel comfortable that you and your family will receive the highest quality remodeling services available and have them provided by people who want you to look you in the eyes and feel proud about the services they are delivering to you.

Simply put, our customers’ needs always come first. Here at U Remodeling Charlotte, NC our North Charlotte customers’ needs are our priority when it comes to remodeling.


U Remodeling Charlotte is the leading remodeling company in Charlotte

At U Remodeling Charlotte, NC our services includes a broad spectrum of remodeling services that include among others, kitchen remodeling Charlotte NC, bathroom remodeling, painting, custom cabinets and Closets. However, our capacity to take on new projects and our extensive and long term experience allows us to take on any kind of remodeling project.
U Remodeling is here to help you procure the kitchen of your dreams through all kinds of renovations! The kitchen is always an ideal place to update for several reasons.
The primary reason to choose U Remodeling is our done right the first-time approach. A cheap bathroom renovation is only useful if the job withstands the test of time.
Painting is an affordable way to completely change the atmosphere of your home. All it takes is a brand – new color, and you have yourself a full – fledged room makeover in no time.

U Remodeling is proud to provide cabinet services for a variety of different rooms.Cabinetry is one of our most prominent offerings and serves as an affordable way to transform a room or space.

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"Blown away by the service I received by Luis and his team. Our bathroom remodeling turned out to be amazing! I was so impressed by the tilework and the craftsmanship. They finished the project within the designated time frame, cleaned afterward, and all these with an amazing price! Throughout the remodeling phase, they were ready to answer all our questions and quell all my concerns. Thank you again U Remodeling Charlotte!"
Bob E., Myers Park
"U Remodeling Charlotte, NC has a great services to choose from and the staff is eager to help and are attentive to your needs. They helped me find what is the best to my house.
Khatereh Shah
"U Remodeling Charlotte was wonderful. Great service from a friendly fun staff and They know their stuff. Recommend to anyone."
Chris Courtney
"State-of-the-art office and friendly staff! They are professional, knowledgeable, and very thorough. Highly recommend!"
Tracy Luu