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Affordable Cabinets On-Demand

U Remodeling is proud to provide cabinet services for a variety of different rooms. Cabinetry is one of our most prominent offerings and serves as an affordable way to transform a room or space. Our cabinet installations are particularly popular for those looking to undergo kitchen and bath remodeling Charlotte NC services. Think about it, most bathrooms and kitchens are comprised largely of cabinetry. If you walk into either of these rooms, you will likely see cabinets have a substantial influence. Ergo, custom cabinet installation and cabinet refinishing is a major way to transform a space. With a full range of offerings, U Remodeling helps with every aspect of the job execution. We supply all kinds of different cabinets depending on which finish or materials you would like to implement. U Remodeling can help you make the right choice as our experts have vast knowledge regarding cabinet finishes. Certain materials are better utilized in the bathroom whereas other materials might fare better in the kitchen. The key to successful cabinet installation is knowing where they will be most useful. We will begin by discussing which kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC homeowners should utilize.

Kitchen Cabinets and Their Purpose

Have a look around your kitchen. Whether your home is luxurious or practical, you will find that almost every kitchen is framed by cabinets. Cabinets play an essential role in the kitchen because they store food and cooking supplies. U Remodeling strongly suggests that you consider the following when installing kitchen cabinets. There are a lot of tips and tricks to help you get the most usage out of your storage.

Avoiding Hazard:

When it comes to the kitchen, there are usually more imminent threats than almost anywhere else in the home. U Remodeling offers you cabinets that are designed to help mitigate any potential risk. Amongst our more popular options are baby proofed cabinetry.

Pest & Mold Reinforcement:

We offer custom kitchen cabinets Charlotte NC homeowners can install for increased pest protection. Most homeowners are not looking for a gaggle of new roommates, especially not in the kitchen. Pests and mold can over time wreak havoc on your cabinets. Even the most beautiful of cabinets do not stand a chance against significant, continuous, damage. U Remodeling can repair, resurface, and refinish your cabinets to their former glory. In addition, we can add certain sealants and modifications to protect against further damage.

General Upgrades and Renovations:

Sometimes you’re just craving a new set of cabinetry. Perhaps you are looking to upgrade your kitchen cabinets with simple refinishing polishes and stains. U Remodeling is a full-service cabinet provider allowing you to enjoy renovations on scales both large and small. Our Charlotte custom cabinets are exactly what you need for long term, expertly crafted cabinetry.

Bathroom Cabinets for Style and Purpose

Bathrooms are another room that requires a lot of storage. Most homeowners prefer their bathrooms to have ample storage to avoid unsightly clutter on their countertop. Understandably they also want their cabinets to do well in humidity and places where excess moisture can often gather. The bathroom is an ideal candidate for custom cabinet work, including refinishing with water-resistant materials when possible.
Bathroom cabinets and vanities are the two most utilitarian features in bathrooms. You want them to be practical and optimized for storage. They store fluffy towels, grooming tools, and a myriad of toiletries. Therefore, an ideal bathroom cabinet will be structurally sound and well made. Our astonishing bathroom cabinets Charlotte NC locals attest are the best! Our cabinets are designed to withstand long term use.
At U Remodeling we strongly believe that cabinetry can fulfill multiple purposes. We believe you should not have to sacrifice style all in the name of functionality. We offer our clients a wide range of cabinets that allow them to choose the cabinet they best feel embodies their style. After all, you spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom doing various important tasks. Whether you are getting ready for the day or winding down to relax, it pays to have cabinets that are well manicured and easy on the eyes. U Remodeling is committed to bringing you top-shelf cabinets that check all of your boxes from style to service. We are here to provide Charlotte cabinets bathroom users will love for a long time to come!

Custom Closets

Did we mention U Remodeling also crafts gorgeous custom closets? U Remodeling will fabricate the closet of your dreams at a price point you cannot beat. If you have ever wanted to craft your own custom closet, here is your sign to take the plunge. Our custom closet services are designed with you and your organizational needs in mind. During the consultative process, we work collaboratively with you to get your plan into motion. Our custom closets are perfect for homeowners who are looking to add more organization to their spaces. A well-manufactured closet can multiply your storage space significantly. We currently offer custom closets in any room where there is space to do so. For specialized custom closets Charlotte NC locals need U Remodeling! Our expert contractors are eager to transform any room from the kitchen to the bedroom with unbeatable closet craftsmanship.

Quick Service

Our loyal customers know they can rely on U Remodeling for quick service. We understand how difficult it can be to have limited access to the important rooms in your home. Whether we are painting, installing, or changing out hardware, U Remodeling works quickly to get you back into your space in record time. Despite our quick turnaround times, we never compromise quality. As always, we promise to do a job right the first time around, which means taking the time to do it right.
For more information regarding cabinets and closets, we urge you to contact us today. It takes extraordinarily little time to jumpstart your cabinets Charlotte NC located project. From start to finish, U Remodeling will have your custom cabinets completed in the blink of the eye, so that you can quickly get to enjoying your specialized storage!

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Part of what makes U Remodeling special is our holistic outlook regarding the process of home renovation. What sets us apart from other home improvement companies is our massive scope of expertise and our ability to execute various tasks. Most of our competitors cannot compare because they usually only focus on a specialty niche or only offer one service. U Remodeling is a dynamic team that possesses the extraordinary capability of bringing you top-pedigree experience and execution in several tasks.  Furthermore, U Remodeling has no limits surrounding the type of rooms we renovate and refurbish. With our competent team at the helm, any area from the bathroom to the kitchen. For comprehensive home renovation Charlotte NC residents know just who to call.