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Full-Service Charlotte Painting

Have you been interested in getting some paintwork done on your home? Perhaps you have been searching the internet for cost of professional house painting Charlotte area? The search is over as we at U Remodeling offer comprehensive painting services at the right price. Our expert team members know paint and know how to paint a variety of different rooms. U Remodeling also specializes in various paint adjacent services such as drywall repair and exterior house painting. We help you take the guesswork out of painting and complete the job to your liking, satisfaction guaranteed. Our team of competent experts will walk you through the process as we go through our expertly rendered checklist for excellence. Let us talk paint!

The Power of Paint

Painting is an affordable way to completely change the atmosphere of your home. All it takes is a brand-new color, and you have yourself a full-fledged room makeover in no time. Our interior painting Charlotte NC services are an affordable and quick way to make illusory renovations on your home. What can painting do for you? Here are some of the ways that a paint job can instantly improve the quality of your home.

Make your home a standout

A proper paint job can do wonders for your home especially if the prior paint is outdated. An exterior painting job is a perfect way to update your home without having to undergo any structural renovations. Have you ever seen a home from the curb and thought it was exquisite but perhaps a bit dated? The power of paint can significantly alter your exterior appearance in a few short days. U Remodeling offers affordable and quick turnaround times for exterior painting. For excellent exterior painting Charlotte NC residents should call us! U Remodeling can help you find an ideal paint for your home. We will help you choose an exterior paint that complements the other homes on your street and the landscape of your property.

Increase Value

Homeowners who undergo renovations will over time increase the value of their home by default. With that in mind, if you choose to allocate dollars for home renovations, you might as well defer a portion of those funds to painting upgrades. A fresh paint job ensures the value of your home does not dimmish. A professional paint job also does wonders for resale value. Any reputable real estate agent will stress the importance of curb appeal and exterior appearance. A paint job is the easiest way to increase value without undergoing significant renovations. U Remodeling is your trusted provider for exterior painting Charlotte NC.

Protection and Repair:

A fresh paint job is advantageous in more ways than one. Of course, there is the immediate aesthetic value that comes with a recent paint job. However, a fresh paint job also has preventative and protective qualities. Quality exterior paint, which U Remodeling always utilizes, serves as an extra layer of protection against the elements. A top pedigree paint will prevent against acquiring damage from weather, insects, and dust. The proper paint can even prevent exterior wood from rotting.

Repair opportunities tend to reveal themselves during painting projects. Having your home painted can alert you to any structural damages you have overlooked. Prior to painting, we check for mold, mildew, and water stains accrued from wood rot. U Remolding experts are here to help keep your home in pristine shape. Yet another reason why we remain the Charlotte house painting provider of choice.

Our Painting Services at a Glance

Who knew paint could have so many valuable uses? We at U Remodeling did, and we have designed a series of services to help you get the most out of your paint. While house painting is decidedly less expensive than other home remodeling services, it can still be relatively costly. Especially if you intend to paint multiple rooms in your house. U Remodeling can paint any room of any size in record time. However, we offer our clients more than just interior and exterior painting. U Remodeling also provides a range of painting services that cover everything from cabinets to drywall painting. Our painting services are as transformative as they are restorative, and we offer them at an unbeatable price. For immaculate cabinet painting Charlotte locals cannot go wrong with our expert team.

Cabinet Painting

If you are looking to paint, refinish, or restore your cabinets U Remodeling has what it takes to get the job done right. Cabinet painting is a great alternative for individuals who do not want to replace their cabinetry in its entirety. For example, let us say you have cabinets that you love, and these cabinets are still in good condition. Perhaps the issue is not with the cabinets themselves, but the outward appearance. A cabinet painting job can quickly open up a wealth of opportunities and change the aesthetic of a room without a huge financial hit. Our cabinet painting services are available in any type of room. However, the kitchen is a popular place for cabinet repainting as cabinets generally take up a significant amount of a kitchen’s space, to begin with. Our kitchen cabinet painting Charlotte NC located service is just what you need.


A hole in your wall or ceiling will drive you crazy in short order. Soon enough, you will likely find yourself searching up a storm for the easiest way to fix your drywall. Drywall damage is not only unsightly, but it can cause or contribute to structural issues. Is all of this starting to feel a bit overwhelming? We are here to help! At first glance, you might be tempted to fix drywall issues yourself. However, unless you are professionally trained, it is easy to take a relatively small drywall issue and exacerbate it. U Remodeling will take the guesswork out of the process and ensure quality delivery on every drywall painting project we take on. Our Charlotte Area drywall repair and painting is perfect for individuals in need of comprehensive drywall repair.

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Part of what makes U Remodeling special is our holistic outlook regarding the process of home renovation. What sets us apart from other home improvement companies is our massive scope of expertise and our ability to execute various tasks. Most of our competitors cannot compare because they usually only focus on a specialty niche or only offer one service. U Remodeling is a dynamic team that possesses the extraordinary capability of bringing you top-pedigree experience and execution in several tasks.  Furthermore, U Remodeling has no limits surrounding the type of rooms we renovate and refurbish. With our competent team at the helm, any area from the bathroom to the kitchen. For comprehensive home renovation Charlotte NC residents know just who to call.